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Nymphomaniac is on Netflix!!!!!!

Go watch it. Its an amazing Lars Von Trier film. Saw it opening weekend and just wow.

I was stabbed with a needle 4 times today.

The usual finger prick. Routine who cares.

Time to draw blood. 
Damn my tiny veins caused the nurse tried each arm once, when that didn’t work she tried my hand. I’ve never had blood drawn from my hand before. 

Thank goodness I have a high pain tolerance because that could have hurt.

Oh the things you do so you can make sure you don’t have an STI. Whatever I need a refill on my birth control and well I’m at Planned Parenthood might as well get checked. 


Clot block

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Pierre Jahan - Étude de deux nus féminins, 1983

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currently mood: bubbles when she almost slapped buttercups face right off her face bc bitch didnt know when to shut up


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Love Lessons from Disney


Love is seeing the world from a new perspectiveimage

Love is fighting for those who matter mostimage

Love is unexpectedimage

Love can help you find your voice againimage

Love is believing in each other’s dreamsimage

Love is appreciating people for who they are insideimage

Love has no rulesimage

Love is playfulimage

Love can catch you by surpriseimage

Love is learning to appreciate those you cherishimage

Love is finding your happily ever afterimage

Love is putting someone else’s needs before yoursimage

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