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Seriously… this is part of the reason I’ve been depressed this past week  

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Today I saw an acquaintance of mine giving this girl some zines. We had the weirdest exchange of dialogue because of this. 

I commented “I didn’t know you were into zines” 

My friend “yeah I read a few (or did she say a lot)”

The girl said “Yeah. Are you a feminist?” (She asked me this cause one zine was about lesbians and the other was about herbal home remedy stuff. 

I wanted to make a snide common like “I’m a woman aren’t I” but I just replied “Yeah” 

Both of them: Oh you should join our club when it gets started… from here it went into positive talk and then we had to split because our next classes were going to begin soon. 

I texted him 9 days ago and the text went unanswered. Since then I’ve been going in a downward spiral because so many things aren’t going right and I need him.  

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Chandler and Monica?! Oh, this is unbelievable! How long have you known?

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Corset + chin-ups: It is possible.  Note that, as a generality, I don’t advocate exercising vigorously in a corset, but there are some low intensity body weight movements (i.e. like push-ups, strict pull-ups, air squats) that will not necessarily have a negative effect on you or your corset, if done in low volume as well.  And, of course, walking in a corset is a great thing!  Assuming you aren’t pushing yourself to windedness or soaking your corset with perspiration.

Keeping active is wonderful for you, as we all already know, but finding ways to fit it into a lifestyle that features regular corset wear can be a bit trickier.  My preference is to exercise at a level of high intensity for 60 minutes per day, 6 days per week, plus another 30 minutes of mobility training per day - all without a corset.  Lifting heavy weights, pushing my cardiovascular limits, and stretching my warm, tired muscles are all the sorts of activities that I feel I can do better without a steel boned garment.  So I opt to take mine off in advance and re-lace after I’ve completed my workout and freshened up.  Sore muscles sometimes put up a fight when being compressed by a corset, but I’ve never found myself prevented from pursuing my waist training goals.

this is so awesome

I love this on so many levels 

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I broke my own heart

Myself; realizing emotion (via corivicious)

I really like this. I’m going through this now. 

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Best Coast - Fade Away (live)

The audience couldn’t look less excited. I’d be that one guy playing air instruments.

I was there and I was SUPER excited. I’ll say it was hard to be excited when Bethany was being a diva though. Like I tried to talk to her but she came and left right away. My friend and I were able to talk to Bobb and he gave me the set list. 

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